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Sundog Sunday!!!

26 Feb

This is Henry!!
He is Bailey’s (the cat in the chinchilla ball!) little brother.
And he is one of Sailor Jerry’s best friends!!


SUNdog SUNday!

20 Feb

This is Kingston!

He is Rufus’s brother AND Martini’s Uncle.

He is a pretty badass pup!

SUNdog SUNday!

13 Feb

This is Rufus!

He is Martini’s new Uncle!

He is only 5 months old and a real tender-heart.

SunDOG Sunday!

6 Feb

This is Lady Jane. She’s Martini’s Aunt!

sunDOG sunday.

29 Jan

This is Sailor Jerry.
Martini’s brother and best friend!!
He’s is also a HUGE U.C.L.A. fan!