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Flashback Friday!!!!

18 Mar


Martini in a martini!


-Flashback Friday-

3 Mar

Martini has been greatest assistant from the start.


1 Mar

she really loves purses.


Happy March!

flashBACK friday.

24 Feb




22 Feb

at least today isn’t Monday.

SUNdog SUNday!

20 Feb

This is Kingston!

He is Rufus’s brother AND Martini’s Uncle.

He is a pretty badass pup!

happy CATurday!!

19 Feb

This is Moo!!

Martini and Moo wish they could make babies cause they are PUURFECT for each other.

they even have matching bows!

SUNdog SUNday!

13 Feb

This is Rufus!

He is Martini’s new Uncle!

He is only 5 months old and a real tender-heart.

flashback FRIDAY.

28 Jan

Awww! baby Tini + ear mites.

june 1, 2006.