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Happy CATurday!!!!

19 Mar


This is Pablo!.. Also know as fathead!!
Martini is in love with this gorgeous kitty’s owner! 🙂



5 Mar

Oh maija!!

Happy CATurday!!

26 Feb

This is London!

He is Martini’s step-cousin!

happy CATurday!!

19 Feb

This is Moo!!

Martini and Moo wish they could make babies cause they are PUURFECT for each other.

they even have matching bows!

Happy Caturday!

12 Feb

This is BAILEY!!!!
she used to be Martini’s roommate.
Martini misses her so much!

Happy CATurday!

4 Feb

This is Toaster Kitty. Martini’s cousin

She loves her toaster.


29 Jan

Meet Martini’s big sister, Saki!


22 Jan

Relax, it’s Caturday!!