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Thirsty Thursday.

17 Mar


Bottoms up!!

Happy St. Patricks day!!!



wordLess Wednesday.

16 Feb

Thirsty Thursday!

3 Feb

Bottoms up!

Bag lady.

1 Feb

she’s got an obsession with bags.

Purses. Shopping bags. Luggage. Any bag will do.

Monday blues.

31 Jan


Coffee helps.


29 Jan

Meet Martini’s big sister, Saki!

flashback FRIDAY.

28 Jan

Awww! baby Tini + ear mites.

june 1, 2006.

neighborHOOD Watch.

27 Jan

Keeping an eye out for any CAT burglars.

Wordless Wednesday.

26 Jan






*photo courtesy of Crazy Aunt Cat Lady Leah!

O.G. Martini

25 Jan

Martini + her hater blockers.