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Monday blues.

28 Feb

Just five more minutes!


Sundog Sunday!!!

26 Feb

This is Henry!!
He is Bailey’s (the cat in the chinchilla ball!) little brother.
And he is one of Sailor Jerry’s best friends!!

Happy CATurday!!

26 Feb

This is London!

He is Martini’s step-cousin!

flashBACK friday.

24 Feb



THIRSTY Thursday.

24 Feb

it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Wordless Wednesday.

23 Feb


22 Feb

at least today isn’t Monday.

Chilly no more!

21 Feb

Hope you have your warm sweater on today too!

SUNdog SUNday!

20 Feb

This is Kingston!

He is Rufus’s brother AND Martini’s Uncle.

He is a pretty badass pup!

happy CATurday!!

19 Feb

This is Moo!!

Martini and Moo wish they could make babies cause they are PUURFECT for each other.

they even have matching bows!