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Monday blues.

31 Jan


Coffee helps.


sunDOG sunday.

29 Jan

This is Sailor Jerry.
Martini’s brother and best friend!!
He’s is also a HUGE U.C.L.A. fan!


29 Jan

Meet Martini’s big sister, Saki!

flashback FRIDAY.

28 Jan

Awww! baby Tini + ear mites.

june 1, 2006.

neighborHOOD Watch.

27 Jan

Keeping an eye out for any CAT burglars.

Wordless Wednesday.

26 Jan






*photo courtesy of Crazy Aunt Cat Lady Leah!

O.G. Martini

25 Jan

Martini + her hater blockers.

Monday Blues.

24 Jan

Someone has a case of the Mondays.

Sundog Sunday!

23 Jan

1st guest post!
Meet Abbey. The Chocolate Terror. Martini’s cousin.


22 Jan

Relax, it’s Caturday!!